We are a youth rugby club established in 2006, offering a year-round tackle rugby program for youth, middle school, and high school boys and girls.

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As an important part of rugby tradition, Fort Hunt Rugby always makes the effort to ensure visiting teams enjoy a full playing and social experience. We do things right, per rugby tradition. We do this to enhance our standing among the clubs, and because it is the right thing to do, in keeping with the highly important social aspect of rugby tradition; we want players, coaches and parents/spectators to enjoy playing rugby at Fort Hunt, and to want to return.

Setup/Prior to the Game. We set up a table with a cooler of water and cups, which is available to all players and guests all day long.

We greet our opponents as they arrive, orient them to the field, and make them feel welcome.

Players’ Responsibilities

Players should assist with field setup, placing and installing posts, post pads, and marking flags.

After the final match of the day, all players and coaches, after cheering for and shaking hands with our opponents, will head straight for the refreshments, and will grab a serving (hot dog, chips, drink). They then will proceed directly to their opposite number and give it to them. This will continue until all visiting players and coaches have been served. Only after this has been done are our players allowed to serve themselves.

Younger players have precedence over older players, both for our team and our visitors.

Planning Guidance

We might have one team only playing at home, or we might actually have all of our teams playing at home on any given day. For purchasing, we have to consider our team numbers, and those of our opponents. We plan and supply for food and drink for players and coaches only, not for parents or siblings (of either team). Almost always there is plenty left over, so siblings and parents can get some, too. In such cases, the order of precedence for leftovers is: guests (siblings and parents), Fort Hunt siblings, then Fort Hunt parents/spectators.

Food planning guidance is 2.5 hot dogs per player, 2 drinks per player, 1 bag of chips per player. If there are any reusable/refrigerateable leftovers, we keep them for the next event.


The Social Box. Almost all things needed for a home-game social are in the Social Box. This is the big black wheeled Stanley chest, which DOES NOT have any stickers on it.

Inside it are:

  • Garbage bags
  • Plates
  • Napkins
  • Flatware
  • Aluminum foil sheets
  • Cups
  • Extra propane bottle
  • Unopened condiments
  • Grill tools and grill instructions

The team owns a portable propane grill, and extra propane bottles. See the equipment manager for the grill, and the extra propane bottle, along with the grill instructions (which are in the Social Box).

Coach Dacey has a 165-quart cooler, which will be available for use in home matches. All drinks go inside this, and there usually is room left over to refrigerate items (hot dogs, burgers, cheese), if needed.

The club owns a 10-gallon water cooler, to use for drinks all during home matches. We place this on a table near the field, with cups.


We serve the basics:

  • Hot dogs (with mustard and ketchup, relish if we’re getting really wild)
  • Single-serving bags of chips
  • Water and juice boxes

If we get really crazy, we might go for burgers with cheese.


Before the home match(es), coordinate with the Match Secretary or the coaches to determine how many teams are coming and how many players are expected. Determine ahead of time if we have prior leftover supplies, and if so, how much (and where it is). Check the Social Box for the status of supplies.

Purchase the following (as needed):

  • Hot dogs
  • Hot dog buns
  • Mustard
  • Ketchup
  • Chips
  • Juice boxes
  • Bottled water
  • Ice (4-5 bags)
  • Supplies (if needed): plates, napkins, aluminum foil, flatware, cups

Reimbursement: parents who make purchases will get an immediate reimbursement from the club petty cash. Receipts are not needed.