We are a youth rugby club established in 2006, offering a year-round tackle rugby program for youth, middle school, and high school boys and girls.

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Game Uniform

The Fort Hunt Eagles game uniform consists of
  • Black rugby shorts (not nylon basketball shorts or summer-style casual shorts). We have custom-embroidered team shorts for purchase, with sales benefitting the club.
  • Black, over-the-calf socks; we also have custom team green/gold and black/blue (boys HS) socks for sale (optional).
  • Team jersey
  • Studded sports shoes; molded-sole soccer shoes are fine, regardless of the sport. Football boots that have a screw-in toe stud must have the toe stud removed. See our equipment section for more info.
All tackle players MUST wear a personally fitted mouthpiece. This is non-negotiable, the policy of both Fort Hunt Rugby and Rugby VA.
The following gear is also permitted, subject to referee inspection and approval:
  • rugby gloves/fingerless mitts
  • a brace or elastic wrap
  • scrum cap
  • padded shirt

See the equipment section for full information.
Prohibited Equipment/Uniform Items (for both practice and matches)
  • Eyeglasses: touch players may practice with regular eyeglasses, but must wear sport goggles/sport glasses in matches (or none at all).
  • No form of eyeglasses is permitted in tackle rugby. Contact lenses are permitted.
  • For those players who wear removable-stud football boots, the toe stud must be removed from each boot.
  • No watches, bracelets, rings, necklaces or earrings (or visible/accessible piercings). Touch players may tape over earrings; tackle players must remove all earrings.
  • No shorts with chains, exposed zipper, buckles, rivets, or any sort of exposed or internal hard plastic or metal. No belts with any shorts, regardless of composition.
  • Remove all items from pockets.
  • No braces or other gear containing hard plastic or metal, and none with exposed struts or structures; the referee will examine this kind of equipment prior to a match.
  • No player may play with a cast of any kind, touch or tackle.